Ivo Opstelten Minister of Security and Justice

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'Making the Netherlands a safer place – I consider that my main task. Clamping down on crime, public nuisance and violence. That is why I am going to increase the power of the police and the judiciary: organizations that operate effectively, more bobbies on the beat, where necessary extra authorities, heavier sentences and the option of immediate police action and prosecution. Citizens should be safe wherever they are: at home, in public or at work.'

Ivo Opstelten was appointed Minister of Security and Justice in the Cabinet Rutte-Asscher on 5 November 2012.

What I am about

Visible, authoritative and vigorous action by the police and the judiciary is indispensable for trust in legal order. I support a bold police force, a swift and effective Public Prosecution Service and an efficient and effective administration of justice. With a view to making the Netherlands a safer place.