Issue: Driving licence

This issue contains 3 sections.


In the Netherlands, young people who turned 17 on or after 1 November 2011, have been able to obtain a Category B driving licence. Up until they turn 18, they are allowed to drive a car under the supervision of a coach. This temporary experiment is called 2toDrive and will be continued for six years.

2toDrive rules

Young people may take the theory exam from the age of 16. From the age of 16½, they can take driving lessons, and from the age of 17 they may take the practical driving test. Up until they turn 18, they may drive a car while accompanied by a coach. From the age of 18, they may drive on their own.

Temporary experiment

If driving under the supervision of a coach proves to have a positive effect on road safety, the system may be given legal status.

2toDrive in other countries

Forms of 2toDrive (supervised driving) have already been introduced in several European countries including Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Great Britain, France and Germany. 2toDrive in the Netherlands is most similar to the German system.