Creative industry

The creative sectors (design, media and entertainment, fashion, gaming and architecture for instance) make cities more attractive to tourists, businesses and residents. Initiatives like Dutch Design, architectural structures and musicians boost the profile of the Netherlands abroad.

Top Team

The government has earmarked the creative sector as a top sector in view of its current strong position and scope for growth. The government, industry and science will target investment in this sector.

A top team has been created for each top sector. It comprises a scientist, a senior official, an innovative SME entrepreneur and a standard bearer for the sector. The standard bearer for the creative industry is Victor van der Chijs. He leads the top team and is the point of contact for the implementation of the action plan.

The top sector advises the government

The top team advises businesses, scientists and the government on measures to address challenges in the sector. Its advice, ambitions, priorities and approach are all set out in the action plan (in Dutch).

Actions are taken by the government and the sector together. The creative industry must reorganise and connect with other top sectors to be able to join the world top by 2020. In order to realise this, the government supports the establishment of the Dutch Creative Industries Council (D-CIC). This Council coordinates the implementation of the action plan according to the golden triangle principle (collaboration between the industry, knowledge institutes and the government). The government has created an annual fund of €250,000 for this purpose.

All government measures are set out in the To the Top policy document (in Dutch).

Innovation contract

The top teams (in Dutch) turn the action plan into concrete points for action and innovation contracts. These innovation contracts set out arrangements and financial agreements between businesses, scientists and the government.