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Organisation chart Commissariat for Military Production

Organisation chart of the Commissariat for Military Production per april 2014.

Leaflet | 15-04-2014 | EZ

Convention on Nuclear Safety, questions for the Netherlands in 2014

List of questions posted to the Netherlands by the contracting parties to the Convention on Nuclear Safety (CNS), and the answers ...

Publication | 04-04-2014 | EZ

Decree of the Minister of Economic Affairs containing amendments to the Numbering Plan for international mobile subscription identities (IMSIs) relating to the use of IMSIs by private networks

The Decree of the Minister of Economic Affairs of 3 March 2014 containing amendments to the IMSI numbering plan relating to the ...

Decree | 26-03-2014 | EZ

Organogram Ministry of Economic Affairs

Organisation chart of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs per February 2014.

Leaflet | 04-02-2014 | EZ

Nature Policy Plan - The Caribbean Netherlands

Nature Policy for the Caribbean Netherlands 2013-2017

Publication | 03-02-2014 | EZ

Reduced and Responsible: use of antibiotics in food-producing animals in the Netherlands

This leaflet outlines the Dutch policy on the use of antibiotics in food-producing animals.

Leaflet | 01-02-2014 | EZ

Facts and figures on consumer food waste in 2013

How much food is wasted bij consumers in The Netherlands?

Publication | 30-01-2014 | EZ

Global challenges Dutch Solutions

In the progress report 'Enterprise Policy at full speed' a strengthening of the link between societal challenges and topsectors ...

Report | 21-01-2014 | EZ, OCW

Gas extraction in Groningen

Letter to the House of Representatives about the consequences of gas extraction in Groningen, the interests involved and people’s ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 20-01-2014 | EZ

Enterprise policy at full speed

Enterprise policy at full speed, Progress report on enterprise policy 2013.

Publication | 20-01-2014 | EZ

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