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Letter to Parliament on the results of the Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter

Minister Kamp (Economic Affairs) informs the House of Representatives of the results of the Ministerial Conference on the ...

Parliamentary document: Letter to the Parliament | 13-07-2015 | EZ

Pas d'extraction de gaz de schiste pendant les cinq prochaines années

Au cours de la législature actuelle, il n'y aura pas de forage de gaz de schiste aux Pays-Bas. La prospection et ...z de ...

Media article | 10-07-2015 | EZ

In den nächsten fünf Jahren keine Förderung von Schiefergas

In dieser Legislaturperiode wird in den Niederlanden nicht nach Schiefergas gebohrt. In den nächsten fünf Jahren wird es ...

Media article | 10-07-2015 | EZ

Organogram Ministry of Economic Affairs

Organisation chart of the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs per July 2015.

Leaflet | 01-07-2015 | EZ

Announcement in accordance with the Nuclear Energy Act

The Notification of Intent for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for a new research reactor will be available for ...

Circular | 02-06-2015 | EZ

International Energy Charter Chair's Summary

On 20 and 21 May 2015 the Ministerial Conference on the International Energy Charter, which included a High-level Business Event, ...

Publication | 21-05-2015 | EZ

CAR methodology manual - A method for identifying regulatory burden within a sector

The CAR methodology (Cost driven Approach to Regulatory burdens) is a new tool for identifying unnecessary burden caused by ...

Report | 12-05-2015 | EZ

Notification of Intent for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The translation of the original Dutch Notification of Intent was commissioned by the ANVS. In the event of discrepencies between ...

Report | 01-05-2015 | EZ

Curriculum vitae Sharon Dijksma (English)

Minister for Agriculture

Leaflet | 28-04-2015 | EZ

A study of Dutch spectrum holdings in the 2,100 MHz band

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has approached PA Consulting to offer opinion on the effect of the variance in spectrum ...

Report | 22-04-2015 | EZ