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Eighth National Open Day of the Custodial Institutions Agency commenced

This morning, the doors of prisons, tbs institutions and correctional institutions for young offenders were opened to the public ...

Press release | 08-11-2011 | VenJ

Teeven to crack down on thefts from cars

State Secretary Teeven (Security and Justice) intends to reduce the number of thefts from cars in the Netherlands. He works ...

Press release | 08-11-2011 | VenJ

Considerable time savings for the police when confiscating fireworks

The processing of confiscated fireworks by the police will become faster, easier and safer. In future, the police will have to ...

Press release | 31-10-2011 | VenJ

Opstelten improves system for dispute settlement

For citizens dispute settlement should progress noticeably more smoothly by 2014. Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice ...

Press release | 31-10-2011 | VenJ

Survey: a great deal of support among the population for Cabinet measures concerning sanctions policy

There is broad support among the Dutch population for Cabinet policy towards minimum punishments and stricter punishments for ...

Press release | 31-10-2011 | VenJ

Teeven tightens supervision of delinquents

Next year, State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice wants to double the use of electronic supervision of delinquents that ...

Press release | 31-10-2011 | VenJ

The Cabinet present adjusted regulation pertaining to court fees

On Monday, Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice will send the court fees legislative proposal to the Lower House, which ...

Press release | 31-10-2011 | VenJ

Withdrawal new partnerships regulation

Upon recommendation of Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice, the Council of Ministers decided not to continue the ... ...

Press release | 28-10-2011 | VenJ

Pilot engaging market parties for forensic examinations extended

At the end of 2008, the Lower House asked attention for the capacity and financing of forensic investigations. Pursuant to the ...

Press release | 25-10-2011 | VenJ

Increase in the number of requests for debt management

The number of requests for application of the Debt Management (Natural Persons) Act (Wsnp) increased by 30 percent in 2010. Where ...

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