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Senate agrees to DNA relationship test

Today, the Upper House agreed to the use of DNA relationship tests in the fight against crime. This involves a new type of DNA ...

Press release | 22-11-2011 | VenJ

Speech by Gerd Leers on Refugees and Migration, Club of The Hague

Your Highness, Ladies and gentlemen, I bid you all a warm welcome to the Peace Palace. Today, as you know, is 22 November. A ...

Speech | 22-11-2011 | VenJ

Public campaign against domestic violence has started

The national public campaign against domestic violence has started. As in previous years, the campaign focuses on victims, ... ...

Press release | 21-11-2011 | VenJ

Pastors becomes chairman of SONT

Mr Teeven, State Secretary of Security and Justice, has appointed Mr M. Pastors as the chairman of SONT, the Foundation for ...

Press release | 18-11-2011 | VenJ

Annelore Roelofs appointed as member of the DJI General Management

Ms A.L.C. (Annelore) Roelofs was appointed as member of the General Management of the Custodial Institutions Agency (DJI) today. ...

Press release | 18-11-2011 | VenJ

Effective sanctions increase safety

In future, courts will be able to issue more custom sentences when imposing a conditional punishment and the Public Prosecution ...

Press release | 15-11-2011 | VenJ

Nationwide cover of Victim Support Desks realised

This morning Mr. Teeven, the State Secretary of Security and Justice, officially opened the eleventh and last Victim Support Desk ...

Press release | 15-11-2011 | VenJ

Cabinet: suspects of violent crimes more often detainees

In future, it will become possible to detain suspects of violent crimes committed in public spaces or those suspected of violence ...

Press release | 11-11-2011 | VenJ

Cabinet: pay the bills on time

By implementing several additional measures, the Cabinet intends to combat late payment of bills for goods or services provided in ...

Press release | 11-11-2011 | VenJ

Measures against forced marriages

State Secretary Teeven of Security and Justice wants to increase the freedom to marry by further reducing forced marriages and by ...

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