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About the National Rapporteur

Those suspected of human trafficking have been convicted more often in 2012 and 2019 than in previous years. The courts have also ...

News item | 24-09-2014

50 up to a possible 75 families can still stay

At least 50 families that had been turned down under the scheme for long-term immigrant children will now be granted a residence ...

News item | 24-09-2014

Legislative proposal for protecting journalistic sources goes to Parliament

The right of journalists to protect their source is to be laid down by law. The proposal acknowledges the special position of ...

News item | 22-09-2014

New tender for the supply of police vehicles

The national police force is launching a new tender for the supply of police vehicles. The new tender process is expected to take ...

News item | 19-09-2014

The need for detention in the Netherlands continues to decline

According to the newest forecasts of the Ministry of Security and Justice, the need for cell capacity in the Netherlands will also ...

News item | 19-09-2014

In total 225 victims of downed flight MH17 identified

The announcement was made today that a total of 14 victims of downed flight MH17 were identified this week. Seven of these 14 ...

News item | 19-09-2014

Minister Opstelten and State Secretary pursue security policy with vigour

In 2015 Minister Opstelten and State Secretary Teeven will continue their work on implementing the measures that were taken in ...

News item | 16-09-2014

More than 2.8 million traffic infringements during the period May - August 2014

During the months from May until August 2014, 2,840,942 traffic infringements were recorded. This is almost the same as during the ...

News item | 16-09-2014

Government: right to a lawyer during police questioning

The police will soon be required to ensure that suspects placed under arrest can request the assistance of a lawyer during police ...

News item | 12-09-2014

Norwegian prisoners could come to the Netherlands

Norwegian prisoners may also serve their prison sentences in the Netherlands in the future. State Secretary Teeven of The ...

News item | 08-09-2014