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Cabinet votes to strengthen security apparatus

The cabinet has approved a package of measures, involving a structural increase in spending of €128.8 million, to enhance the ...

News item | 27-02-2015

Two adopted Congolese children arrive in the Netherlands

Two adopted Congolese children arrived in the Netherlands yesterday to join their adoptive parents. They are a two-year-old boy ...

News item | 26-02-2015

Netherlands and Belgium sign declaration of intent to cooperate on migration

The Netherlands and Belgium will cooperate more closely and join forces more in the area if immigration and asylum. This is stated ...

News item | 24-02-2015

Screening during asylum procedure for families is effective

None of the families that have wanted to submit an asylum request at Schiphol, since the implementation of screening on 1 ...

News item | 23-02-2015

New legislation on the presence of a lawyer during police questioning submitted to the Lower House

The two bills by Minister Opstelten and Secretary of State Teeven from the Ministry of Justice and Security providing for a ...

News item | 23-02-2015

The House of Representatives supports the bill for copyright contract law

The House of Representatives adopted a bill submitted by State Secretary Teeven which aims to improve the contractual position of ...

News item | 13-02-2015

Teeven: the costs of supervision and disciplinary law must be passed on

The State Secretary Teeven (Ministry of Security and Justice) proposes that civil-law notaries, lawyers and bailiffs bear the ...

News item | 11-02-2015

Arrival of plane carrying victims of MH17

On Saturday 7 November at around 4 pm, a Dutch military transport plane carrying victims of the MH17 air disaster will arrive at ...

News item | 05-02-2015

MH17 team discusses situation around crash site

A small team consisting of Ministry of Defence and police personnel visited the mayors of Rozsypne and Petropavlivka in Ukraine ...

News item | 03-02-2015

MH17 operation salvages remains close to the crash site

A small team of military and police personnel today visited the village of Grabovo near the crash site for the MH17 repatriation ...

News item | 02-02-2015