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National campaign against sham marriages results in five immediate arrests

A national campaign against sham marriages has resulted in five arrests today and yesterday. As a result of the campaign, an ...

News item | 19-05-2015

State Secretary Dijkhoff, Inge de Bruijn and Lobke Berkhout have launched the campaign ‘Sexually unacceptable and deviant behaviour. Make it an issue’

Since the introduction of the free Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG) for volunteers on 1 January this year 11,655 persons applied ...

News item | 18-05-2015

MH17 repatriation mission ended

The MH17 repatriation mission, in its current form, has been concluded. On Saturday, a Hercules transport aircraft of the Dutch ...

News item | 30-04-2015

2015 also starts with fewer burglaries

The decline in the number of house break-ins continued in the 1st quarter of 2015. In the period from January to March 2015, there ...

News item | 30-04-2015

Arrival of plane with mortal remains of MH17 victims

On Saturday 2 May at around 4.00 pm, a Dutch military transport plane carrying the mortal remains of victims of the MH17 air ...

News item | 30-04-2015

MH17 repatriation mission makes steady progress

Since resuming its tasks at the MH17 crash site in eastern Ukraine, the repatriation mission has been able to work without ...

News item | 23-04-2015

Use of the camera images of citizens and companies in crime detection

Citizens and companies will soon be allowed to publish camera images of theft, burglaries or vandalism. Expectations are that ...

News item | 23-04-2015

State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff calls for more cooperation for a safer internet

Cooperation between governments, businesses and knowledge institutions is the key to a safer and freer internet. Speaking to more ...

News item | 14-04-2015

Research committee proposal regarding confiscation arrangement with Cees H.

Today, the proposal for the investigation regarding the confiscation arrangement with Cees H. was sent to the House of ...

News item | 10-04-2015

Revised online legislation calender

Parties who wish to learn more about the drafting of laws and orders in council can access the fully revised legislation calender ...

News item | 09-04-2015