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WODC study: Security and Justice policy plays an important role in decreased recidivism

Between 2002 and 2010, recidivism amongst adult prisoners dropped by nearly ten per cent. The goal which was set for this period ...

News item | 24-11-2014

Legislative proposal on faster execution of sentences submitted to House of Representatives

To rule out the possibility of convicted persons undergoing their sentences late or not in full, or even evading them entirely, ...

News item | 24-11-2014

Teeven: the Cbp may impose administrative fines in more cases

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, Cbp) may soon impose administrative fines in more cases ...

News item | 24-11-2014

Ministers Opstelten and Hennis-Plasschaert open Nationaal Trainingscentrum (National Training Centre)

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice and Minister Hennis-Plasschaert of Defence will open the Nationaal Trainingscentrum ...

News item | 24-11-2014

One will soon be able to pay in instalments for traffic fines amounting to more than 225 Euro

It will soon be possible to pay in multiple instalments for traffic fines amounting to 225 Euro or more. State Secretary Teeven of ...

News item | 20-11-2014

Train hijacking at De Punt in 1977

The 1977 train hijacking at De Punt, Drenthe, and how it was ended on Saturday 11 June has been the subject of a recent ...

News item | 19-11-2014

More remains and MH17 wreckage recovered

More wreckage from MH17 was salvaged from the crash site in eastern Ukraine today. Human remains were also found.

News item | 17-11-2014

One in four burglaries can easily be prevented by merely locking the door

In 25% of burglary cases, burglars gain access effortlessly by craftily using a credit card, fishing or sneaking in. Citizens can ...

News item | 17-11-2014

OSCE brokers agreement on MH17 wreckage recovery

Following negotiations led by the OSCE, agreement was reached today on the recovery of parts of the MH17 wreckage. Wreckage ...

News item | 14-11-2014

Teeven elects unrestricted rights for victims to to be heard

Victims of serious crimes are to get unrestricted rights to be heard in court rather than advisory rights. For example, they can ...

News item | 13-11-2014