Ministry: Ministry of Security and Justice

This ministry contains 5 sections.


For an overview of the departments within the Ministry of Security and Justice see the organisation chart.

The judiciary, which consists of judges and public prosecutors, is not a department of the Ministry of Security and Justice. Yet its organisations are directly linked to the ministry.

The National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid) or NCTV falls under the responsibility of the Minister of Security and Justice. The Minister of Security and Justice is also responsible for the police.

These organisations generally work in the same manner towards bringing about a safer and more just society: by intervening in people’s lives. Sometimes this intervention is vigorous and decisive; such as when a child is removed from the home and placed elsewhere or when a convicted person is remanded in custody. Sometimes this intervention is small; such as when a fine is imposed. But in all cases, they concern interventions that only the Ministry of Security and Justice is able and permitted to perform.

  • Minister
  • State Secretary
  • Secretary-General
    Financial and Economic Affairs Department
    Legislation Department
    European and International Affairs Department
    Strategy Development Department
    Research and Documentation Centre
    Secretary-General’s Office
    Information Department
    Secretariat of the Advisory Board on Leave for Forensic Patients  
  • Deputy Secretary-General
    Personnel and Organisation Department
    ICT and Purchasing Department
    Operational Management and Management Support Department/Services Centre
    Audit Department
    Housing Projects Department
    Policy Academy
  • DG Police
    Formation of National Police Agency
    National Police Services Agency
    Caribbean Netherlands Police Corps
    Caribbean Netherlands Fire Brigade
  • National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security
    General Affairs Section
    Communication and Information Section
    Policy and Strategy Department
    Coordination and Crisis Management Department (DR)
    Expertise and Analysis Department (DKA)
    Civil Aviation Security Department (DBB)
    Surveillance and Protection Department (EBB)
    National Security Department
  • DG Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement
    Administration of Justice and Crime Control Department
    Judicial System Department
    Administration of Justice and Law Enforcement Policy Instruments Department
    Legal and Operational Affairs Department
    Security and Administration Department
    Netherlands Forensic Institute 
    Central Fine Collection Agency
  • DG Youth and Sanctions
    Sanctions and Prevention Policy Department
    Judicial Youth Policy Department
    Control, Operational Management and Legal Affairs Department
    JUSTIS Department
    Custodial Institutions Agency
    Child Care and Protection Agency
  • Directorate-General for Immigration

    Migration Policy Department
    Coördination Department
    Repatriation and Departure Service
    Immigration and Naturalisation Service
    Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs
    Supervisory Commission on Repatriation

  • Inspectorate of Security and Justice
  • Board of Procurators General
    Office of the Public Prosecutor
    National Police Internal Investigations Department