Central Government WhatsApp

You can ask questions about legislation in the Netherlands via WhatsApp.

Please note: There are known scam organisations using this number +31 (0)6 5500 1400 to try and steal personal data from resident in the Netherlands – this is called phishing. Central Government do not call from this number. So please do not answer, or hang up immediately. It may be a scam.

Asking questions via WhatsApp

If you cannot find the answer to your question about legislation in the Netherlands on government.nl, you can contact the Public Information Service via WhatsApp.

It is extremely busy at the moment. Please be aware that it will take longer than usual before we can respond to your inquiry.

To ask the Public Information Service a question via WhatsApp, add the phone number + 31 (0)6 5500 1400 to the list of contacts in your smartphone. The Public Information Service uses this number for WhatsApp questions only. You cannot phone or send SMS text messages to this number.

The Public Information Service will only answer WhatsApp questions on an individual basis, not via group chats.

Getting answers via WhatsApp

The Public Information Serviceis is available Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 20.00. If you ask a question outside these times, Public Information Service staff will reply when they are online again. If we think another organisation could give you a better answer, we will send you their contact details.

WhatsApp only deals with questions

Public Information Service only uses WhatsApp for questions. Suggestions, opinions or complaints should be communicated by telephone or email. We cannot respond to them via WhatsApp.

Please also note that the Public Information Service WhatsApp is not intended for contact with the media. Journalists should contact the press secretaries and spokespersons at the relevant government ministry.

No personal information via WhatsApp

Don’t share any sensitive personal information like your bank account number or citizen service number (BSN) via WhatsApp. The Public Information Service has no access to the Personal Records Database (BRP) or other central government systems and cannot look up any information on the basis of personal information you provide.

No unsolicited messages via WhatsApp

The Public Information Service never sends unsolicited messages via WhatsApp. It only responds to the messages you have sent. This is to reduce the risk of phishing.

If you do receive an unsolicited WhatsApp message from the Public Information Service, do not respond.