Statement under Item 2 of the 42nd Session of the Human Rights Council

Mr President,

We align with the EU statement.

Madam High Commissioner,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes your oral update and shares your concerns on climate change and human rights. We support you and your Office in the operationalization of a human rights based approach across the UN system.

We echo your statements on the Amazon and we regret the public denouncements made by President Bolsonaro. We urge the government of Brazil to do everything in its power to end the rainforest wildfires and massive deforestation.

Madam High Commissioner,

Looking at the record of the Council over the years, the Netherlands is convinced that the effectiveness and credibility of this Council can be enhanced further.

We must apply objective criteria when assessing country situations.

We consider the permanent Agenda Item 7 an historic anomaly, resulting in an unacceptable and disproportionate singling out of Israel. This has been the position of the Netherlands for years.  

There is also room to improve the quality and universality of the Council’s membership. HRC members ought to live up to the highest human rights standards. Members that refuse all cooperation and access to special mandate holders undermine the Council’s authority and credibility.

In that light we wish to draw your kind attention to the letter sent to you by 24 countries on 8 July expressing concerns about credible reports of arbitrary detention in large-scale places of detention in Xinjiang, China. We encourage you to regularly update the HRC on progress made in obtaining meaningful access for international observers.

Thank you.