Joint statement by the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands

This year the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of the Netherlands celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations. In this context, the two minister emphasized their commitment to further enhance the partnership between the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, across various fields.

These fields include, economy and trade, combatting international crime and money laundering, and enhancing energy and food security. Both ministers agreed to jointly undertake efforts to combat global challenges such as climate change, in order to build a better world for future generations, and looked  orward to working together during COP28 in the UAE.

Furthermore, safeguarding the security and future prosperity of their respective populations is one of the main goals of the relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of the Netherlands,  which is guided by a strong belief in multilateralism and international cooperation.

In this context, Minister Hoekstra commended the role of the United Arab Emirates through its non permanent membership of the
United Nations Security Council on its role in the field of Women, Peace and Security, and its important role in enhancing regional peace.

The Netherlands reiterated the importance of stability in the region and acknowledged the UAE’s right to self-defence in that regard. Today both ministers expressed their mutual desire and commitment to deepen bilateral relations between their countries on the basis of mutual understanding and respect of values.