Support group welcomes ceasefire between Government of Colombia and ELN

Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland - welcome the bilateral temporary ceasefire between the Government of Colombia and the National Liberation Army (ELN) that will enter into force today.

We, the five members of the 'Group of Countries for the Support, Accompaniment and Cooperation of the Negotiating Table' in Quito (GPAAC), congratulate the negotiating teams on this important achievement and we expect the ceasefire to improve especially the humanitarian situation of Colombian civilians.

For the regions of Colombia most affected by armed violence, the ceasefire provides the opportunity to engage their societies in the peace process. GPAAC calls on both parties to strictly comply with its terms, thus confirming their willingness to reach full and lasting peace in Colombia.

GPAAC welcomes the support of the United Nations and the Catholic Church for the implementation of the ceasefire agreement. As GPAAC members, we confirm our readiness to further support and accompany the Peace Negotiations between the Government of Colombia and the ELN.