How to use the IATI standard - Dutch publication guidelines for implementing partners

Transparency about what we do and how we cooperate with our partners is crucial for us. In order to improve transparency, the Netherlands has decided to use open data to monitor, learn and improve upon our efforts to support development. We are convinced that using open data will lead to benefits to all organisations involved.

IATI standard

In Development Cooperation a standardized format is available that can be published and accessed by all partners, called the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). Already  500 organisations are publishing information on their activities using the standard.

Publication Guidelines for partners, contractors and suppliers

y using IATI as the standardized format for reporting on progress, we believe we will be able to create an overview of all activities we finance, monitor progress, learn about what works and improve our policies. Reporting on progress by publishing in IATI has become mandatory for most activities funded by the Netherland Government as of January 1st, 2016.

The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared guidelines that provide guidance on how to use the IATI standard for publishing results and other information regarding the activities financed by the Netherlands. The guidelines are available in English and in French.