Call for grant proposals for the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD)

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) has been established to finance climate projects in developing countries. The call for applications for grant funding of €160 million has been closed on 22 February 2019..

Dutch climate finance

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges worldwide, with developing countries, which have few resources to protect themselves against it, being hit particularly hard. Under the Paris Climate Agreement, wealthy countries will support developing countries financially in tackling climate change and its consequences. The Netherlands, for instance, is helping to improve access to sustainable energy and introducing drought-resistant crops. In 2017 the ministry of Foreign Affairs contributed €400 million to climate finance in developing countries. The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development, which was originally announced as a national climate fund in the current government’s coalition agreement, will give a boost to these efforts.

A broad climate fund

The DFCD is a broad climate fund, which can be used to finance investments in greenhouse gas emissions reduction, for example through building wind farms and halting deforestation, as well as in making communities more resilient to climate change. This could be achieved by introducing salt-tolerant crops or raising dykes, for instance. To ensure that climate resilience is sufficiently addressed, we aim for 65% of the fund’s resources to go towards adaptation projects. Investments can be made in all developing countries, but the emphasis is on projects in the poorest countries and in the Ministry’s focus regions. The government also aims for the fund to leverage private sector investment in climate projects. Financing from the fund must be additional to the market and is only intended for projects that cannot obtain longer term commercial financing.

Call for grant proposals

Applications cannot be submitted any more, submission was closed on 22 February 2019 at 17:00 h. A grant will only be awarded to one applicant, which will receive the full grant amount to finance climate-relevant projects.