Subsidy Drylands Sahel Program (DSP)

On 25 November 2019, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a call for grant proposals for the Drylands Sahel Programme (DSP). Organisations with experience in the development of small-scale dryland agriculture may apply for a grant between 2 January 2020 and 27 March 2020.

Applications must be submitted using the application form, of which the English translation will become available before January 2, 2020, and accompanied by the additional information and documents stipulated in the form.

The grant policy framework sets out:

  • Who may apply for the grant
  • How organisations can apply for the grant
  • What the background and objective of the grant programme are
  • What conditions an application must satisfy
  • How the assessment and selection procedure works.

On this webpage you can download the grant policy framework in Dutch and its English translation, along with the annexes, the application form and other necessary documents.

Answers to questions asked

Questions concerning the call for grant proposals may be directed to, only by email and no later than 13 March 2020, with ‘DSP grant application’ in the subject line. Once each week the questions that have been received will be anonymised, answered and published on this webpage.

Attention, modification of Threshold criterion D9

Due to the amendment of the Dryland Sahel Program policy rules of 20 February 2020 the application form has also been amended. The new form, with the amended threshold criteria D.9 and D.14 in yellow, can be downloaded via the link below. You can use the old or new application form, whereby it applies that in case the old form is used, also in that form the parts in the new form concerning the new criteria have to be used.