Press conference about coronavirus and summer holidays in simple English

Please note: this news item was published on June 3. Read more about the current approach to tackling coronavirus in the Netherlands.

On Wednesday 3 June, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the health minister, Hugo de Jonge, talked on TV about coronavirus and the summer holidays. This is what they said.

Planning your holiday

If you live in the Netherlands, it is safest to go on holiday here.
You are allowed to go to some other countries.
But there are many countries that you cannot travel to.
If you go to another country for your holidays, be well prepared.
The situation can change suddenly.

  • Only go to countries with a yellow travel advice. Like Germany, for example. The situation in these countries is almost the same as in the Netherlands.
  • Different countries have different rules. Make sure you know what the rules are.
  • Make sure you have good travel insurance.
  • Before you travel, download the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Travel App. It gives you up-to-date information about the country you are staying in.

Holidays in European countries after 15 June

There is a travel advice for every country. It tells you whether it is safe to travel to that country.
The situation can change suddenly.
Always read the travel advice before you travel.
For countries in Europe:

  • After 15 June you can go to countries with a yellow travel advice.
  • France and Spain are still deciding whether to let in tourists.
  • You cannot go on holiday to Sweden, Denmark or the United Kingdom.  

Holidays outside Europe

Do not go on holiday outside Europe.  
The travel advice for countries outside Europe is orange. 
This means you should not travel to these countries unless it is absolutely essential.
If you travel to a country outside Europe, you must self-quarantine at home for two weeks when you come back.

Holidays in the Caribbean part of the Kingdom

Travel to Bonaire, St Eustatius, Saba, Curaçao, Aruba and St Maarten will probably be allowed after 15 June.
Keep checking the travel advice.

Tourists can come to the Netherlands

Tourists can come to the Netherlands this summer, if the situation in their country is the same as in the Netherlands.
Tourists must follow the Dutch coronavirus rules.


  • Staying in the Netherlands for your holiday is safest.
  • After 15 June you can travel to many other countries in Europe.
  • If you can, go on holiday outside the school holidays.
  • Only use public transport if you must.
  • Do not go to busy places.
  • If you have symptoms, stay at home and get tested.

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