Press conference of 6 August about coronavirus, in simple English

On Tuesday 6 August, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hugo de Jonge spoke about coronavirus and the extra rules on TV. 
We explain the most important points below.

National rules changed

People are not following the rules properly. 
More and more people are getting coronavirus.
So the following rules now apply: 


At the start of each new school year, there are always lots of activities.
They help new students get to know more about their school or university, or about clubs they can join.
Most of these activities will now take place online.

  • A small group may meet if there is an important reason for doing so.  
  • But student social clubs are not allowed to hold fun events.
  • Study groups and student sports clubs can hold an event if it is really necessary. They must then follow these rules:
    • small groups only; 
    • finished by 22.00;
    • no drinking alcohol.

Restaurants, cafes and bars

  • The rules for restaurants, cafes and bars have changed.
    The rules apply inside and outside.
    The number of guests is not important.
  • You must have a reservation.
  • You will be given a seat at a table or at the bar.
  • When you arrive you will be asked about your health. For example, whether you have a fever or a cold.
  • You must give your name and telephone number.
  • If someone who was in the cafe or restaurant gets ill, the local municipal health service (GGD) will call you.


  • There is a coronavirus test centre at Schiphol airport.
    Travellers arriving from countries where many people have coronavirus can get tested there. 
  • They are also strongly advised to self-quarantine. This means they must stay home or in their accommodation. This applies even if they test negative.
  • Travellers who do not get tested will need to stay in quarantine for 2 weeks. 

Measures in your area

  • In some towns, there may be many people with coronavirus. Extra measures may apply there. 
    For example, cafe opening times could be changed,  or a shopping centre closed.
  • Activities involving lots of people – like a football match – may also be cancelled. 


  • If you have symptoms, stay home and get tested.
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people. 
    Also when people visit you at home.
  • Do not go to busy places.
  • Wash your hands often.