I hold a foreign qualification for handling biocides. How can I get this qualification recognised in the Netherlands?

If you hold a foreign certificate or diploma for handling biocides, you must have it recognised before you can work with biocides in a regulated (protected) profession in the Netherlands. An example of a regulated profession is pest controller or fumigator. You can have your foreign qualification recognised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management free of charge.

Regulated professions involving the handling of biocides

A certificate of professional competence is required to handle biocides professionally in five types of job. If your certificate or diploma was issued in another country, you will have to have it recognised in the Netherlands. These five regulated professions are:

  • Wood rot fungi technicians;
  • Gas analysts;
  • Fumigation managers;
  • Pest controllers who use biocides;
  • Distributors of gaseous biocides.

Requesting recognition of foreign qualifications

To have your foreign certificate or diploma recognised in the Netherlands, send a letter of request to:

Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management
attn. Environmental Safety and Risks Directorate
Postbus 2090
2500 EX The Hague

Documents to include with your request

Please include the following documents with your request:

  • A photocopy of a valid identity document;
  • Your CV outlining your experience handling biocides;
  • A photocopy of your foreign certificate or diploma;
  • Information, such as a course outline, on what you learned about biocides and the duration of the course leading to your qualification. You may also use information from the website for the course/programme;
  • Proof of proficiency in the Dutch language. This is necessary because the labels on biocide packaging are in Dutch. You may also demonstrate your proficiency in Dutch through a phone interview. To arrange a phone interview, please include your phone number in your request.

Decision on your request within 8 weeks

Within one month you will receive confirmation of receipt of your request. Within 8 weeks you will be informed whether your diploma or certificate will be recognised in the Netherlands.

Recognition is free of charge

Having your foreign qualification recognised is free of charge.

Same procedure for temporary or occasional handling of biocides

Even if you will only be working with biocides temporarily or occasionally, you must still have your qualification recognised by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.

Objection and review

If you disagree with the ministry’s decision, you have 6 weeks to send a signed letter stating your objection to the ministry at the address above.