Legalisation of a foreign document for use in the Netherlands

In most cases, it is possible to have your foreign document legalised. This is usually done in the country where the document was drawn up. After legalisation, your document will be ready for use in the Netherlands or at a Dutch embassy.

Last updated on 13 January 2021

Method of legalisation in different countries

On the website, you can search for the country or territory where your document was drawn up. You will then see a list of designated competent authorities that can, for instance, legalise a birth certificate.

Legalisation in the Netherlands by the Consular Service Centre (CDC)

In some cases, the CDC of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) can legalise a document for you or help you with this. Please go to to find out in which situations legalisation or mediation by the CDC is possible.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Decree establishing a common line on the assessment of foreign documents by means of legalisation and verification, Articles 2 and 3