When and how can I offer my business and products to the Ministry of Defence?

If you want to do business with the Ministry of Defence you must know how it awards contracts. The Ministry must adhere to certain rules. It also requires the companies it does business with to meet certain quality and other requirements.

Doing business with the Ministry of Defence

Suppliers can find detailed information on the page 'Doing Business with the Ministry of Defence'.

Not only military products

Military products are not the only items you can offer to the ministry. It also purchases non-military products and services. Military products include frigates, tanks and fighter aircraft. But the ministry also needs office furniture, official cars, food, uniforms, medicines, etc. It also purchases services. Examples include cleaning, organisational, information, IT and consultancy services.

Contract award rules at the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence is a government organisation. It therefore awards contracts in accordance with certain rules. The rules are laid down in, for example, the EU public procurement rules and the Public Administration (Probity Screening) Act (Wet bevordering integriteitsbeoordelingen openbaar bestuur; BIBOB).

Information about forthcoming defence contracts

More information on planned defence contracts is available from three main sources:

  • TenderNed;
  • The Official Journal of the European Union;
  • Electronic Bulletin Board.

Supplier requirements

The Ministry of Defence expects the companies it works with to have the appropriate technical know-how, experience and expertise to carry out a contract. Your company must also be financially and commercially sound. The ministry can set additional requirements in a contract award procedure. It can demand, for example, that you have a quality assurance system.

The ministry’s purchasing organisations

If you do business with the Ministry of Defence, you will deal with several purchasing organisations within the ministry. The largest are part of the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO) and the Support Command (CDC).