Railway map ERTMS Version 3.0 - Memorandum on Alternatives

The Railway map 3.0 presents the results of further investigation into favourable scenarios for implementing ERTMS in the Netherlands.

The first chapter focuses on the value of and need for the implementation of ERTMS (European Rail Traffic Management System). Chapter 2 describes the funnelling towards and the presentation of the 3 favourable scenarios and 2 additional analyses from Railway map 2.0. Chapter 3 sets out and interprets the results of the further studies into these favourable scenarios. Chapter 4 processes the insights into other aspects, which of these will be examined more closely in the next phase and in what manner. Chapter 5 looks at the most significant risks in the Plan Elaboration and Realisation phases and chapter 6 closes with the results of the reviews in and of the ERTMS Exploratory Phase.