Conflicts environments and coverage

In this report, the authors assess the cases of Turkey and Tunisia to better understand the influence of context on reporting. In Turkey, a difficult media environment influences reporting whereas in Tunisia the character of violence located in remote parts of the country provides distinct challenges.

Armed conflict affects the lives of an estimated 1.5 billion people around the globe. Unambiguous and factual data is necessary but the context in which violence is perpetrated influences our ability to capture sufficient data.

The report stresses that almost every conflict context is unique and that country specific data and information gathering strategies are needed. A series of recommendations close the report.


This Report has been commissioned by the Netherlands Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence within the PROGRESS framework agreement, lot 5, 2017. Responsibility for the contents and for the opinions expressed rests solely with the authors; publication does not constitute an endorsement by the Netherlands Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defence.