Building a Q-Campus: Realising a Quantum Ecosystem in Delft (Engels)

Feasibility study on the growth of a local 'quantum technologies' ecosystem.

Commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and QuTech / TU Delft, Birch consultants conducted a feasibility study on the growth of a local 'quantum technologies' ecosystem, where students, researchers and entrepreneurs carry out R&D in a local innovation community and share research facilities. This ambition builds on the success of QuTech that has grown explosively in the last 5 years into an advanced research center of more than 200 FTE. The conclusion is that quantum technology is a promising growth market with applications in many sectors. The Delft cluster has the potential to grow into a major quantum hub in Europe, with an estimated size of 900 direct jobs in 2023. This requires public investments in joint research facilities, housing and a campus management program.

The report is a non-binding advice that is used in the national government for policy development with regard to national icons, top sector policy (mission-driven innovation policy with impact), science policy and regional campus development. TU Delft uses it for the internal strategy for campus development.