Final evaluation of the Netherlands’ Regional HIV/AIDS & SRHR Programme in Southern Africa

Conclusions of the evaluation: Programme is relevant to Southern Africa. Implementation is efficient and effective. Successes are noted at personal, community and national level. Young people, women, migrants, sex workers, sexual minorities and other marginalized people received information and services. It is also evident that legal changes take more time. Scope for improvement: Visibility, sustainability and gender equality.

Key question of the evaluation of the programme (2016-2020 / € 40 mln): To what extent were the objectives achieved?

  1. Better information and greater freedom of choice for young people about their sexuality;
  2. Improved access to and use of SRH commodities and quality health care; and
  3. Respect for the SRH rights of groups who are denied these rights.

Based on the positive outcomes a Theory of Change (ToC) workshop for the next phase of the programme (2021-2026) was conducted with partners (UNDP, IOM, Frontline AIDS, Aidsfonds, Young Africa, Pathfinder, REPSSIE and UNFPA), beneficiaries and colleagues of embassies in the region. In the next phase young vulnerable people will be in the centre, having improved quality of life, including SRHR outcomes and opportunities to improve their income.