External End Evaluation Partners for Resilience 2016-2020

Objectives of the evaluation: 1. Assess the validity of PfR’s ToC + Key Assumptions; 2. Assess the effectiveness, relevance and sustainability in strengthening the capacity of CSO’s;; 3. Assess the effectiveness, relevance and sustainability of engagement with stakeholders; 4. Review the governance arrangements of the PfR programme and to generate actionable recommendations.

This evaluation was commissioned by the Steering Group of Partners for Resilience (PfR), which is funded by NL MFA. PfR is implemented by NL Red Cross, CARE, Cordaid, Wetlands Int., RCRC Climate Centre, and over 50 in-country partners. The overall aim of PfR is to make vulnerable people more resilient to crisis in the face of climate change and environmental degradation and to enable sustainable inclusive growth. PfR programme is made up of 1 Global programme, 4 regional programmes (Asia; Latin America; Horn of Africa and West Africa) and 10 country programmes: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Uganda, Mali, Guatemala and Haiti.