Evaluation finale du projet PAPAB - Projet d’appui à la Productivité Agricole au Burundi

PAPAB was a 5 year bilateral rural development project implemented in Burundi. It supported small farmers, enabling them to improve their resilience and to achieve food security. The project used an innovative approach focusing on self-advancement of farmer households. Soil and water conservation played a central role. The evaluation looked at results achieved, effectiveness and lessons learned

The report presents the findings of a mandatory final evaluation of the results of PAPAB carried out by an external evaluator at the end of the project. PAPAB was funded by the Dutch Embassy in Bujumbura and was part of its development cooperation portfolio on food security, one of the embassy’s thematic development priority themes. The report was discussed with the project and the embassy. Lessons learnt presented in the report, its conclusions and recommendation will be used in designing and monitoring new strategies and interventions, by the embassy and its partners, in the area of self-advancement by rural households and rural communities and sustainable agricultural development in Burundi, in East Africa and elsewhere.