Assessing the Sustainability of PPPs in Agribusiness: a focus on governance

In assessing the sustainability of PPPs, the governance dimension is probably the most difficult to capture in an analysis or tool. However, based on several sources discussing governance, five elements have been identified: the enabling environment, the boundaries of the PPP, the mechanisms for stakeholder consultation, Rule of Law, and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The likelihood of success of a PPP depends to a large extent on the institutional environment where it takes place. Specific issues include earlier experiences with public-private partnerships (PPPs) , policies aimed at facilitating PPPs, indicators of good governance in general, and the flexibility of the legal framework to adapt to new situations created through PPP activities. Likewise, the fiscal and financing landscapes are key components of the enabling environment. Finally, security issues linked to the presence of violent conflicts can present a no-go for the implementation of a PPP. Awareness of these will aid formulation of responses to the challenges related to the enabling environment.