End Term Evaluation of the Strategic Partnership (SP) for Garment Supply Chain Transformation (2016 - 2020)

The SP established building blocks needed to achieve its objectives. It gathered workers, unions, factory management and brands, taking the three main themes social dialogue, living wage and GBV as entry points in 7 producer countries. The SP has obtained important outcomes on strengthened lobby and advocacy, increased engagement of partners on influencing, and changes in laws, policies and practices.

The SP was part of the Dialogue and Dissent programme and ran from 2016 until 2020. The end term evaluation shows that the SP has done many things well in those five years. Aside from describing the positive outcomes of the SP, the report also critically assesses what could have been done better or differently, and it lists a number of lessons and recommendations. These are particularly informative, as Fair Wear, CNV-I and M-FNV have received funding for a new, larger consortium named STITCH (2021-2025), in which they will roughly continue to work that was started with the SP. These lessons and recommendations will prove very useful in making the STITCH programme a success.