Final evaluation of the integrated water management project 'Maji ya Amani'

This report presents the findings of an external consultant contracted by the project 'Maji ya Amani' who assessed the interventions and results achieved at the end of the project. Use was made of monitoring data available with the project as well as independent investigations. Relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the strategies and practices applied by the project are assessed, and strengths and weaknesses as well as lessons learnt in the project are discussed in the report. Finally, the report provides recommendations and suggestions for similar interventions in eastern DRC and elsewhere.

Project background

The project was funded by the Dutch government and ran from 2017 to 2021. It aimed at contributing to security and stability in the Rusizi Plain in eastern DRC. It did so by enabling smallholders to obtain more secure access to land, irrigation water and drinking water. Conflicts over access to land and water decreased. Agricultural production and incomes increased. General security and social cohesion improved as a result.