Evaluation of Water Support Programme (Water OS 4)

The Water Support Programme (Water OS 4) is outlined to run from 2017–2021. It aims to support the embassies in the implementation of the bilateral water program and establish structural cooperation between the water sector in recipient countries and the Dutch sector. This evaluation, undertaken by IOD PARC, looked to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of programme.

The primary intervention in the programme is the deployment of Strategic Advisers (SAs). These are technical experts employed for 45 days a year to provide advice to embassies. SAs are recruited and managed by RVO who are the budget holder for the programme. RVO also works closely with NWP. They help to keep SAs up to date, providing learning support in key sector issues, and opportunities for them to reflect together and share lessons. The programme has evaluated four result areas. The evaluation is both summative & formative with a mixed methods approach. The methodology has a 'realist’ evaluation approach involving a review of programme and policy documentation and interviews.