End evaluation of the policy framework Leading from the South (2017-2020)

This evaluation assesses the achievements of Leading from the South (LFS), a four-year program that ended on December 31st, 2020. LFS was implemented by 4 leading women’s funds based in the global south that are committed to strengthening women, girl and trans-led movements for realisation of their human rights. Findings pertain to results at consortium level and grantee level.

The main objective of the end-term evaluation was to assess to what extent the overall goal and objectives of the policy framework and the LFS women’s funds have been achieved, and if so, how. The evaluation consisted of a meta-evaluation of the external end evaluations commissioned by the four LFS women’s funds, additional desk research and interviews, and (digital) visits to LFS grantees. The evaluation used feminist principles, including the use of a transformative, intersectional and gender-based approach. Lessons learned, good practices and challenges were reviewed as a cross-cutting aspect and will inform future policy and programming. The outcomes and recommendations of the report have been shared with the LFS consortium.