Action plan Good Mental health for All

With this approach, we want to make mental health negotiable and visible, together with the target group and social partners. We also want to offer tools to improve the mental health of ourselves and others, to prevent complaints or to identify them in time.

The aim is that young people feel better about themselves, that employees can do their work with energy and pleasure and that people in a vulnerable position receive extra support where necessary, because mental health belongs to all of us.

In the Netherlands, we are committed to a broader social movement, in which it becomes 'normal' that we look after each other and have an eye for the mental health of ourselves and each other. 
We do this because good mental health ensures that you are more positive in life, experience less stress and can deal better with setbacks in work or private life. There also seems to be a link between good mental health and longer life expectancy, including faster recovery from physical illnesses. At the same time, being and staying mentally healthy is not always easy. Various studies show that many people, especially among young people and young adults, workers and residents in a vulnerable position, experience performance pressure or suffer from feelings of gloom, stress or burnout complaints.