G50s and the UMVA platform: Mid-term evaluation of the AUXFIN Burundi programme

This report presents the findings of a mid-term evaluation conducted by an external consultant contracted by the project. It assesses the interventions and results achieved halfway the project. Use was made of monitoring data available with the project as well as independent investigations. Relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of the strategies and practices applied by the project are assessed, and strengths and weaknesses as well as lessons learnt in the project are discussed in the report. Finally, the report provides recommendations and suggestions to achieve goals at the end of this project expected in October 2023.

The project is funded by the Dutch Embassy in Bujumbura and runs from 2019 to 2023. It aims to provide financial solutions accessible to everyone by offering, at very low costs, basic elementary banking functions such as opening an account, savings, loans, and payments, thus enabling financial and social inclusion. AUXFIN's overall goal is to build a digital highway in Burundi, open for all, where financial and value chain solutions are hosted on its UMVA digital platform.