Final Evaluation of the ABIN Programme (Agri-Business Incubation Network)

The incubators in their current state were not yet viable. The equipment of the honey and fish incubation centers is modern and has a large capacity and has the potential to add value. However, certain accompanying measures still need to be put in place to make them viable. As for the cereal and fruit value chains, effective strategies have been developed, but still need to be operationalised.

The evaluation report and the final project report provided Spark with a number of lessons learned. These lessons enabled Spark’s current NL-funded Akazi Keza project to put the necessary accompanying measures in place to make the incubator centers work. Both reports will also inform the Orange Corners programme, supporting the development of youth entrepreneurship, equally NL funded and currently being implemented in Burundi. The reports will also inspire the preparation of a private sector development strategy for Burundi and further interventions in this domain by the Netherlands and other development partners as well.