Vision Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality English

The Netherlands is a leader in agriculture, horticulture and fisheries. We get maximum yields from limited resources. We continuously strive for better results. We are quick to adopt innovative insights and technologies. Our entire food system is geared towards innovation, from start to finish.
Farmers, growers and fishermen work together with companies specialised in transport packaging and processing, the hospitality industry and supermarkets.

They have expert knowledge gained through close ties with research institutions and high-quality agricultural education. But the system is reaching a breaking point. We can see that happening around us. We can see it in the changing landscape.

The climate is changing too: we’re getting more periods of extreme drought and extreme rainfall so we’re either dealing with huge volumes of water, or hardly any at all. Nature is under threat. Plant and animal species are becoming extinct. Fewer people are becoming farmers, growers or fishermen.

The way in which we currently produce our food isn’t sustainable any longer. So we must make the transition to a food system that doesn’t harm nature, the environment, the soil and the climate. A system of farming and fisheries in which nothing is wasted.

A system in which farmers and fishermen work with other companies to turn their waste into new products. Locally if possible, regionally or internationally where necessary. This is called circular agriculture. For example: sugar beet leaves can be fed to cattle. The transition to circular agriculture has already started, but it will only succeed if between now and 2030 we achieve success in three areas.

If farmers, growers and fishermen get a fair price for their products and there are good prospects for the next generation. If people again respect farmers, growers and fishermen because they know what’s involved in producing food. So that they can appreciate their food more and try to waste less.

And if the Netherlands is ready to take on a leading role globally to improve food production methods. In 2019 we will make agreements on results with government bodies, companies and civil society organisations about results. And we’ll continue to invite other people, businesses and organisations to share ideas and take initiatives. Some of which we’ll support through funding, or better regulation. We work on the basis of trust. And we stand side-by-side with individuals, businesses and organisations.