Video: 'The Only Way is Up' conference

Living wages and incomes are a human right - but someone has to pay for them. ... That's why we're all here today. So that together, we can move towards fair prices for products - enough to give the producers living incomes or wages.

Birgitta Tazelaar, deputy Director General for International Cooperation, gave this message to visitors to the 'The Only Way Is Up' conference in Rotterdam in the first week of November 2019. This conference, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with our German counterparts and various NGOs, focused on a living wage and income for everyone who works in the agri-food sector. Because there are still people in this sector who cannot make ends meet with what they earn.

Important steps were announced during the conference. For example, the contribution of Dutch supermarkets to closing the pay gap in the banana sector. You can see what they have agreed in this video.