Promo WPFC

Promo WPFC

*Music plays*


Title: Liberty in different languages 
Whoever told you, you only
had to hear what didn't upset you?
So you don't believe in free
speech at all, do you?
And I've seen people reporting stories,
and losing their lives over it.
Or losing their liberty over it.

Title: World Press Freedom Conference 2020
1.500 visitors
>50 Sessions

If we are not free to report the truth,

Title: Journalism with freedom

then what fills the vacuum?
Lies. Fake news.

Title: Journalism without Fear or Favour, World Press Freedom Conference 2020
The Hague, The Netherlands, 22-24 April

*Music ends*

Stef Blok, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
Looking forward to see you in April in The Hague.