Video: UN 2023 Water Conference

Water is a resource with many shapes and forms, and by nature, it connects different environments, peoples, and sectors.

Water is irreplaceable for life to survive and thrive.

Water is a unifying and catalysing force.

It can be the dealmaker for creating a more sustainable world.

Water underpins all of our social and economic activity.

Without water, food production stops.

Cities cease to function.

Economic activity grinds to a halt.

And fertile land turns into a desert.

We have massive challenges in front of us and to steer the world in the right direction, we need to join forces and take action.

The UN 2023 Water Conference will be this moment.

Tajikistan and The Netherlands, as the co-hosts of the Conference, strive to make it a watershed moment for the world.

So let’s join our efforts, take commitments, and put actions on the ground to make this happen.

We have an important task.

To encourage all stakeholders.

To bring together all our pledges, promises, and commitments.

To make clear how the world will reach its water-related goals.

Many things were politically unclear at that time.

Young leaders should be given a leading role by their governments in order to be active in the next decade.

Water does not only pose a challenge.

It also presents us with a great opportunity.

We need to act and foster a fundamental shift in how we look at and manage water, more than ever.

Imagine what kind of world we can live in, if its leaders had just a fraction of the idealism that we share as young people.