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Building a Q-Campus: Realising a Quantum Ecosystem in Delft (Engels)

Feasibility study on the growth of a local 'quantum technologies' ecosystem.

Report | 05-07-2018

Talks between Zimbabwe and the Netherlands

On July 4th 2018, the Netherlands’ Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag received Sibusiso Moyo, ...

Diplomatic statement | 04-07-2018

Joint Statement from President Donald J. Trump and Prime Minister Mark Rutte

Diplomatic statement | 03-07-2018

Speech by minister Blok during visit to Indonesia

Speech by Minister of Foreign Affairs Stef Blok during the press conference with the Indonesian foreign minister Retno Marsudi in ...

Speech | 03-07-2018

How do I know if my passport number includes a number ‘0’ or a letter ‘O’?

Your passport number is made up of numbers and letters. The letter ‘O’ and the number ‘0’ can look very similar. That is why the ...

Question and answer

Outcome based healthcare 2018-2022

This report from the Ministry of Healthcare, Welfare and Sport provides information about the movement towards outcome based ...

Report | 02-07-2018

Letter to Parliament about outcome based healthcare 2018-2022

Minister Bruins (Medical Care and Sport) informs the House of Representatives about the movement towards outcome based healthcare ...

Letter | 02-07-2018

Factsheet Export via the Cloud

Factsheet about exporting or sharing controlled technology through digital cloud services.

Leaflet | 01-07-2018

Registration of non-residents (short term stay) in the Netherlands

These brochures explain the registration procedure for people coming to the Netherlands for a few months, for instance for work ...

Leaflet | 01-07-2018

Registration for a short-term stay in the Netherlands (Hungarian) ; Regisztráció a Nem állandó lakcímmel rendelkező lakosok nyilvántartásába, rövid időtartamú Hollandiában tartózkodás esetén

If you come to the Netherlands for a few months, for instance for work or studies, you need a Dutch social security number ...

Leaflet | 01-07-2018