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  1. Sector plans

    Video | 05-06-2023

  2. Speech by Minister Dijkgraaf at the NiNsee conference

    Minister Dijkgraaf (Education, Culture and Science) speeched at the NiNsee conference about about the role of the Netherlands in ...

    Speech | 02-06-2023

  3. Organization chart Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations

    Publication | 01-06-2023

  4. Speech Prime Minister Rutte at opening European Political Community Summit in Moldova

    Speech | 01-06-2023

  5. Organization chart Ministry of Justice and Security

    Organization chart of the Ministry of Justice and Security.

    Publication | 01-06-2023

  6. The Africa Strategy of the Netherlands 2023-2032

    The first Dutch continent-wide strategy on Africa comprises an integrated vision of political and economic cooperation with the ...

    Publication | 31-05-2023

  7. Speech by Mark Harbers, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, at the European Navigation Conference 2023, Noordwijk

    Speech | 31-05-2023

  8. Ambassadors in the Netherlands (as of 31 May 2023)

    List of ambassadors in the Netherlands as of 31 May 2023.

    Publication | 31-05-2023

  9. Statement by Vivianne Heijnen, Minister for the Environment, at the World Circular Economic Forum session ‘Unlocking finance for the circular economy’, Helsinki

    ‘I can’t say this often enough: the circular economy does not exist in isolation. It is not a new topic, it is not a distraction ...

    Speech | 30-05-2023

  10. Statement by the Equal Rights Coalition on the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda

    Statement by the Equal Rights Coalition on the Anti-Homosexuality Act in Uganda

    Diplomatic statement | 29-05-2023