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  1. SFFP 2023 conference programme

    This booklet contains the programme of the Shaping Feminist Foreign Policy Conference 2023, 1-2 November in the World Forum in ...

    Publication | 13-11-2023

  2. Letter to Belarussian Journalists on the Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists

    Today – 2nd of November – is the International day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists. The United Nations General ...

    Diplomatic statement | 10-11-2023

  3. Speech by minister Ollongren at the State of the Union Conference

    Europe in the post-post-cold war era

    Speech | 10-11-2023

  4. Speech by minister Kaag at the Kristallnacht Commemoration

    Speech by minister Kaag at the Kristallnacht Commemoration on November 9 in Amsterdam

    Speech | 09-11-2023

  5. Can I take my assistance dog with me everywhere I go?

    Read about places where assistance dogs are allowed and are not allowed to go inside in the Netherlands.

    Question and answer

  6. Policy note: human rights, democracy and international legal order

    The protection and promotion of human rights, the democratic constitutional state and the international legal order are the core ...

    Policy note | 09-11-2023

  7. Programme grant Contributing to Peaceful and Safe Societies 2024-2031

    On the 9th of November 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a call for proposals for the grant programme “Contributing ...

    Decree | 09-11-2023

  8. Annual social report: Focus on HR 2022

    Focus on HR has been updated with the HR figures for 2022 and provides insights into the size and composition of BZ’s workforce ...

    Annual report | 08-11-2023

  9. Benelux Statement on the suspension of the operation of the CFE Treaty

    The Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe (CFE Treaty) is an important part of the European arms control architecture and ...

    Diplomatic statement | 07-11-2023

  10. Cannabis information leaflet (hash and weed)

    This information leaflet has been produced for the experiment with a controlled cannabis supply chain. The aim is to reduce harm ...

    Leaflet | 07-11-2023