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Brochure - Help and support when self-quarantining (Polish)

This brochure contains information about where you can get help if you’re self-quarantining because of coronavirus.

Leaflet | 04-03-2021

Factsheet Measures against tax avoidance and tax evasion

The Netherlands has an open economy, and foreign markets are very important for Dutch businesses. Our tax system is designed with ...

Leaflet | 03-03-2021

Working Together on the Future

Film on A2 motorway tunnel construction in Maastricht, a project involving a new approach and collaboration with regional ...

Video | 03-03-2021

I hold dual nationality (British and another nationality) and live in the Netherlands. How will Brexit affect me?

If you have British and Dutch nationality, you can live in the Netherlands. The same applies if you are a national of a different ...

Question and answer

The Netherlands’ Polar Strategy 2021-2025: Prepared for change

In the new Polar Strategy, the Dutch government sets out how the Netherlands intends to continue contributing to the protection ...

Publication | 01-03-2021

The Enforcement and Supervision Centre (HTL) for asylum seekers who caused a serious nuisance

In this video the Enforcement and Supervision Centre. It houses asylum seekers who have previously caused a serious nuisance in a ...

Video | 01-03-2021

Effect evaluation of the DUPC2 program IHE Delft

DUPC2 is a very relevant instrument to strengthen local capacity through partnerships. DUPC2 has reached the target values for a ...

Report | 28-02-2021

Video message Minister Blok Event Alliance for Multilateralism

This text has been spoken by Minister Blok in a video for the Event Alliance for Multilateralism on 24 February 2021.

Speech | 24-02-2021

Factsheet Could I lose my Dutch nationality automatically? And how can I avoid this?

Do you have Dutch nationality and do you want to take a second or subsequent nationality? Or do you already have a number of ...

Leaflet | 23-02-2021

Coronavirus: Cautious easing of lockdown

The coronavirus measures are asking a lot of everyone. The government wants to stop the virus spreading but also offer some ...

Leaflet | 23-02-2021