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  1. As a student in tertiary education, am I eligible for financial support for increased energy prices?

    You can apply for financial assistance if you are in serious financial difficulty or are at risk of being in serious financial ...

    Question and answer

  2. Foreword - Pillar 2

    Publication | 24-10-2022

  3. I am a foreign employer. How do I provide notification of the arrival of foreign workers?

    As a foreign employer, you must provide notification of work to be performed and of the arrival of employees coming to the ...

    Question and answer

  4. As a self-employed person working in the Netherlands, when do I need to provide notification?

    Foreign workers’ duty to notify only applies to self-employed people working in certain designated sectors.

    Question and answer

  5. I work in the transport sector. Do I have to provide notification in the Netherlands through the online notification portal?

    There are several exceptions in the transport sector to the rules for notification of foreign workers.

    Question and answer

  6. As a foreign employer, for which occasional work do I not need to provide notification of my workers?

    There are several types of occasional work for which you do not need to provide notification of your workers. However, these ...

    Question and answer

  7. I carry out regular assignments in the Netherlands. How should I provide notification in the online portal for foreign workers?

    If you work regularly in the Netherlands, you may in some cases be allowed to provide notification annually.

    Question and answer

  8. As a foreign self-employed person, can I work in the Netherlands?

    You can work in the Netherlands as a self-employed person under certain conditions.

    Question and answer

  9. Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030

    Read the Dutch Global Health Strategy 2023-2030 here.

    Publication | 21-10-2022

  10. Joint Statement on Internet Shutdowns in Iran - Freedom Online Coalition

    Statement by the Freedom Online Coalition on Internet Shutdowns in Iran, following the protests over the tragic killing of Mahsa ...

    Diplomatic statement | 20-10-2022