Curriculum Vitae Carola Schouten

Carola Schouten
Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Deputy Prime Minister

Personal details

Full name: Cornelia Johanna Schouten
Place and date of birth: Den Bosch, 6 October 1977
Place of residence: Rotterdam
Civil status: single, one son


1989-1995: Secondary education, Altena College, Sleeuwijk
2000: Business administration, Tel Aviv University
1995-2006: Business administration, Erasmus University Rotterdam  


Carola Schouten began her career in 2000 at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment, where she held various positions including policy officer for work and income.

In late 2006 Ms Schouten became a policy officer for the parliamentary party of the Christian Union. She worked as a policy coordinator and senior policy officer for finance and social affairs.

On 18 May 2011 Ms Schouten became a member of parliament for the Christian Union, focusing on a range of issues, including financial and economic affairs, social affairs, employment and pensions, higher education and housing.

On 26 October 2017 Carola Schouten was appointed Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality and Deputy Prime Minister in the third Rutte government.

Party political positions and outside activities

Carola Schouten was a member of the Christian Union’s electoral programme committee for the 2010 parliamentary elections. She established – and was a member of – the party’s entrepreneurs network. She was a member of the supervisory boards of Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) and the Gereformeerd Scholengemeenschap Randstad, a Christian secondary school. She was also a member of the board of Stichting Gabriël Financiële Bescherming, an independent Christian financial advice organisation, and a member of the advisory board of Stichting Elah, a charity that helps fund welfare activities for the Dutch community in Israel. Together with the parliamentary party leader Gert-Jan Segers she negotiated the coalition agreement for the third Rutte government on behalf of the Christian Union.