Financial aid for reconstruction of St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius

The cabinet has decided to earmark €550 million to create a Dutch fund for the reconstruction of St Maarten. Reconstruction can begin right away once St Maarten accepts the conditions set by the Netherlands: the establishment of an Integrity Chamber and proper border controls. The Autumn Memorandum will indicate the source of the funds.

The aid will be distributed in tranches, which will allow for interim evaluations so as to ensure its efficient and lawful expenditure and make it possible where necessary to reconsider the amounts supplied. A major part of the Dutch contribution will be spent through international organisations. It may take the form of loans, gifts or in-kind aid.

The cabinet also decided to provide €67 million in financial aid to the public bodies Saba and St Eustatius for these islands’ reconstruction, in addition to the €550 million for St Maarten.