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Improved support for victims of a crime

To better aid victims in coming to terms with the fallout of a crime, the government is turning the spotlight on options for ...

News item | 08-01-2020 | 11:57

Prohibition of anti-democratic organisations made easier

It is necessary to take a robust approach to radical or extremist organisations with goals or activities that are in conflict ...

News item | 20-12-2019 | 07:00

Funds available for new ways of providing legal aid

In order to provide faster and better help to Dutch citizens faced with a problem, Minister of Legal Protection Dekker has ...

News item | 19-12-2019 | 13:44

Bill on reflection period for listed companies goes to House of Representatives

The board of directors of a Dutch listed company will be given a reflection period of up to 250 days to enable a proper response ...

News item | 19-12-2019 | 11:07

Expert's certificate for transgenders to lapse

At the moment, transgender persons require an expert's certificate to change the sex on their birth certificate. The certificate ...

News item | 10-12-2019 | 11:28

Dekker: preventing and addressing integrity violations

There must be no doubt as to the government's integrity in a state based on the rule of law. Integrity violations, criminal ...

News item | 06-12-2019 | 11:18

Legal aid pilot project in Rotterdam-Zuid district begins

The legal aid pilot project in Rotterdam-Zuid city district, which began 1 December, is intended to offer quicker and better ...

News item | 02-12-2019 | 11:07

Quicker end to marital captivity

Minister Dekker (for Legal Protection) is changing the law to allow marital captivity to be ended sooner. The amendments will ...

News item | 29-11-2019 | 13:57

Decree on criminal suspects who refuse to cooperate with psychiatric evaluation takes effect

The so-called weigerende observandi decree pertaining to suspects of serious crimes who refuse to undergo pre-arraignment ...

News item | 27-11-2019 | 11:04

Bill expanding victims' rights submitted to House of Representatives

If it is up to Sander Dekker, Minister for Legal Protection, persons in pre-trial detention on suspicion of having committed ...

News item | 27-11-2019 | 10:59