Minister Dekker opens prison in Bonaire

During a two-day visit to Bonaire, Minister for Legal Protection Sander Dekker officially opened the Caribbean Netherlands Custodial Institution (JICN). This new prison will offer space for 113 prisoners and 10 detainees and is the only custodial institution on the BES islands.  

'I'm pleased that, with this new building, we will be able once again to meet the requirements demanded of a modern prison. Now we can make the islands safer and prisoners will have a chance to make something of their lives when they return to society,'

Minister Dekker said in his opening speech. 

Ban Pa Kambio

The new institution will be organised according to the 'Ban Pa Kambio' principle (Papiamento for 'let's make a change'). Ban Pa Kambio is the name of the JICN's work and educational training project. In this project, prisoners work through different phases to help them prepare for life outside the prison walls. They learn to read and write if necessary, have the opportunity to earn a senior secondary vocational education diploma, and in the last phase devote themselves completely to finding work.   In addition, as in other penal institutions in other parts of the Netherlands, a prisoner's behaviour in the JICN will be a key determining factor. Similarly, JICN prisoners will have the opportunity to graduate from the basic programme to the advanced 'plus' programme, where they can earn more liberties.

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