Speech by Stientje Van Veldhoven Minister for the Environment at the plenary session of the Global Climate Action Summit

I am happy to share the stage with the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

Their new action program reflects the ambition of the Netherlands as a country.

We brought Paris home.

Into the hearts of our national policy.

But also into the hearts of companies, cities and other non-state partners.

Together we have the ambition to achieve 49% reduction of greenhouse gases by 2030.

This challenge is huge. Our whole economy is in transition.

We are innovating our industry. Reforming our energy supply. Decarbonise our transport.

Right now, we’re building the world’s biggest offshore windfarm.

All new cars will be zero-emission from 2030.

Our first electric container ships will be sailing soon.

There is one point missing: that’s the use of resources!

The Netherlands want to halve the use of resources by 2030 and to create a circular economy in 2050.

A no-waste economy which re-uses raw materials.

[Making new concrete from old concrete. New plastics from old plastics]

Raw materials use is the missing link in the Paris Climate Agreement.

All of this we can’t reach without the commitment of the Port of Rotterdam.

I give the floor to Allard Castelein.