Inviting the minister

The Minister of Finance Wopke Hoekstra receives many invitations each year, for example to speak at conferences. These invitations are always welcome.

Please use the form provided if you wish to submit an invitation. This will ensure that your invitation meets the main requirements and avoids processing delays. You should receive a reply within three weeks.

If you would like to invite the minister to an event, please be aware of the following:

The minister has a preference for non-commercial events.

The minister’s diary is planned months in advance. Last-minute invitations can rarely be accepted. So it’s advisable to submit invitations at least three months ahead of time. In most cases you will receive a reply within three weeks.

Invitations are always accepted provisionally. The minister can be summoned by the House of Representatives to attend a debate, or may have to travel abroad at short notice or attend an unplanned government meeting. This means he will be unable to honour existing commitments. You should bear this in mind when planning your event. It is also worth remembering that the cabinet meets every Friday, and the Minister of Finance is therefore usually unable to accept invitations for events on that day.

Form for inviting the Minister of Finance or the State Secretary for Finance

Inviting government members of the Ministry of Finance

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