House of Representatives approve tougher approach to driving under the influence of drugs

A broad majority in he House of Representatives has today approved the legislative proposal of minister Opstelten (Security and Justice) and minister Schultz van Haegen (Infrastructure and Environment) that enables a tougher approach to be applied to car, motorbike and moped drivers who form a risk to road safety as a result of drug-use. 

The combined use of different drugs or of drugs and alcohol when driving significantly increases the risk of serious injuries or fatalities. That is why there is a zero limit for combined usage. When using one drug, there is a so-called conduct-related limit. The current use of alcohol corresponds to the following limits: a blood-alcohol level of 20 mg for novice drivers and 50 mg for experienced drivers.

Drug use when driving will be established more quickly. Police officers will soon be able to oblige car, motorbike and moped drivers to provide a saliva sample for use with the saliva-tester. This quickly and easily establishes whether somebody has used drugs. The analysis, carried out by a sample of blood taken by a doctor or nurse, indicates how much has been used and will continue to be used as evidence.